Proudly made in North America



Our US patent

# 8858061

has been issued

SensoCrete solution fully complies

with the new


Design your mixes

Load the concrete to the mixer

Sit in front of a computer & watch

Our Canadian patent

# 2,725,887 has been isued

Save $13,500 per

truck annualy

Come & hear about us

in transit quality control

at the ACI convention

You can purchase the equipment and pay monthly fees for the hosting, Or,

You can pay cents/CY

Concrete Optimizer

Measure the concrete properties

Adjust liquid to comply with requirements

Convey the QA parameters to the driver

Offer the driver operational recommendations

Report to you in real time, revolution by revolution, online

Fast Deliveries, within tolerance quality concrete

The result:

Improved operation, increased profit, full control

25 trucks = 23 trucks with Concrete Optimizer

Winners of the Nova Award 2011


Best innovation for the ready mix industry